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In my job as a staff writer for the popular photography news website Fstoppers, I often try to write about my own photography experiences, struggles, triumphs, and aspirations. One of the things I have been aspiring to do for a while now is create more of these fun "fantasy" portraits. I wrote a little article to help photographers incorporate this into their portrait arsenal, and you can read it at

Not only are these a total creative blast to plan and create, they are just something that almost everyone loves. I mean, who wouldn't want to have an epic family photo that looks like it belongs on a movie poster or in a magazine? 

I love to tell the story of this photo of me and my best girlfriends, aka "the Flamingos", because we had an absolute blast making this photo. I had driven by this old Airstream trailer dozens of times, and I knew the vision I had for it would be perfect for a photo of these ladies, because they are all fun, fearless, and absolutely hilarious, and I wanted to portray them the way I see them: sexy, sassy, and always up for a good time! 

I got in touch with the owner of the camper got her permission to stage our photos there. We got all dolled up and started setting the stage, and before long, we had an entire highway traffic jam of onlookers gawking at us as we posed and played up our sassy alter egos. Truckers blew their horns. People honked and whistled. A police officer and a sheriff's deputy parked next door to watch. We were sweating away in the hot sun and loving every minute of it. 

Once I showed the girls the final product, the image became kind of a signature for us "Flamingos", and it even went on to win a silver merit and rank in the top 20 in The Portrait Masters Awards program. This image is a true treasure to me, and I have it printed on a giant 40x60 canvas and proudly displayed in my breakfast nook. Next time you visit me, be sure to take a peek! 

If you and your family have a hobby that you all love, a running joke that you love to laugh about, or a funny way of poking fun at yourselves, we should totally do this. Give me a shout and we will plan something amazing!!


Jenny Edwards is an award-winning portrait photographer with a studio based in Amarillo, Texas. She specializes in fine art family portraits, fashion forward senior photos, business headshot photography, and women's contemporary portraiture. Her Amarillo Portrait Studio is the perfect place to capture gorgeous images that will be cherished by generations. 

Amarillo Photographer : Blake's Senior Portrait Session

This guy. I was so happy when he came to me at my  Portrait Studio in Amarillo Texas for his senior portraits. He is one of my favorites! He helps me with wedding photography and photobooth gigs, and he is just the most fun to spend time with. He recently joined the US Army, and I couldn't be more proud of him. He is going to go big places and do big things, and I can't wait to watch and see the big moments in his life! Blake, you're the best...


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Amarillo Photographer - Jenny Edwards Photo Boudoir Sessions

Women often ask me about Boudoir Sessions. Most of them are curious, but just not sure what to expect. They hesitate, because they think they need to have a wardrobe of lingerie that they would never wear again, or they think they need to lose 10 pounds, or they just don't feel like the sexy, sensual women they see in boudoir photography. It is my absolute pleasure to show these women that all of that is needless worry. You don't need to lose 10 pounds to look good in boudoir photos, because my team and I will pamper and pose you to look simply stunning in the skin you're in! You don't need a closet full of lingerie. We can do beautiful, classic photos with just a set of sheets and some gorgeous lighting. You don't need an excuse or a partner to share them with, you can do this just for YOU! YOU are the best reason. Do this for yourself, and you will see yourself in a whole new light. You'll never regret it.



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I recently discovered an article by RadioFreeEurope about a woman in Soviet Russia who took thousands of photos in her lifetime, but the magnitude of her body of work was undiscovered until 17 years after her death. Her daughter found thousands of films and negatives locked away in an attic, and as she began to develop these images, she learned much about her mother's life, loves, and insecurities as a woman.  Please take a look at this information I shared to about the photography of Masha Ivashintsova. The story and images are very moving.